Monday, 16 May 2011

Sex Tips And Tricks For Women

There are some really cool sex tips and tricks for women specifically for your use in the bedroom to increase both your own and his sexual pleasure.

Women tend to take longer to get really turned on during foreplay and so it's important that you both spend enough time on foreplay. The vagina will get wet when stimulated but this doesn't necessarily mean you're turned on or as turned on as you can get before penetrative sex.

Make sure that your lover knows this and that you spend more time on foreplay, usually more than 20 minutes but some foreplay sessions can last up to an hour before sex.

A really fantastic trick for increased pleasure to is to heighten one sense above others, either for you or your lover. As women are more aroused by touch than sight, one way to do this is to get your man to blindfold you and tease all over your body with his fingers and mouth. Make this last for 30 minutes before he penetrates you with his penis.

Men are very visually aroused and so you can heighten his sense of sight by giving him a striptease, but not allowing him to touch you. Then masturbate in front of him with your fingers or a sex toy such as vibrator. Again let him watch but don't allow him to touch you, or himself (tie his hands together). This is a great way to tease him and when you finally allow him to penetrate you he'll explode in sexual pleasure almost immediately.

Some basic tips include making sure you look sexy by wearing a sexy outfit or lingerie, and to be clean and smell good (this goes for him as well obviously).

A really good sex position for both women and men is the split level position. This is somewhat like the missionary position (man on top) but with the woman's legs wrapped around the man's waist as he kneels slightly. It allows him the most dominant position and he can easily stimulate the clitoris from here as well.

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